Drama enables students to develop communication skills and improve self-confidence. It also allows students to take on responsibilites and work as part of a team. The school produces various drama shows throughout the year.

Kinder show: Kindergarten children participate in a "music and movement" show organized by their teachers.

Infant School Concert: As their initial introduction to theatre, English Primary students from years one to three perform in a musical show.

Recent productions:
2008 – Hercules
2007 – Tiny School Musical

Primary Drama Club: This is an extracurricular activity aimed at students from fourth to seventh year. Students from seventh, in addition to performing, may also sign up to help with scenography or form part of the stage crew. A musical show is produced annually using either a set script or one produced by students and teachers.

Recent productions:
2008 – It´s a Hard-knock life. Adaptaton from the 1999 TV version of "Annie"
2007 – The Pharaoh´s Gem and the Quest of Munkantangara. Script written by the students
2006 – King Leopold the Magnificent. Script written by the students
2005 – Hoppy. A theatre production written by the students

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Senior School Play: This is a theatre production performed by students from eighth to twelfth year.

Recent productions:
2008 – Who wants to live forever. Adaptation from the musical show by Ben Elton, “We will Rock You”. Music by Queen.
2007 – Coyote Ugly. Adaptation
2006 – The Bohemian Revolution
2005 – Isadora Social Club
2003 – Romeo and Juliet
2002 – Guys and Dolls

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English Drama Lessons: These are given to students from first to seventh year as part of the curriculum.

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Talent Show: This is an artistic performance in which students, parents and teachers exhibit special talents.

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