Contact and Process


put description hereChoosing a school for our children is a difficult task. At St Paul’s we provide personal interviews for prospective parents where we endeavour to answer all queries and allay concerns.

For an interview please make an appointment to enable us to devote the necessary time and attention.

Contact Information:

For appointments call 4665.3309, or email


1st Interview: Getting to know the school, it's educational stance and to answer any queries.
2nd Interview: Information on your child’s educational background, held with the head of department.
Requirements: see list of administrative requirements for student inscription.


St Paul's is situated in the town of Hurlingham, with major road and rail links within easy reach. One can reach us by motorway (via Camino de Buen Ayre - Acceso Oeste), train (FFCC Urquiza, FFCC San Martín) and major roads (Av. Roca y Av. Jauretche). See Map

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